Conceive Your Dream™

90 Days to Your Optimal Fertility Health


  • You’re wondering (and Googling) if you’re doing everything you can to make sure this next IVF or IUI cycle  is a success

  • And while you trust your doctor, you don’t want to put all your hopes of getting pregnant in his/her feels like you should be doing something more.

  • After all, the emotional rollercoaster, physical strain, and financial burden are staggering, and it can be devastating if it doesn’t work.

I’ve been there - dealing with years of heartbreak, anger, sadness, and trying everything under the sun to get pregnant.

We decided to try IVF when I was 38 after trying to conceive for two years. I won’t lie to you - I had no idea what to expect, and I was terrified it wouldn’t work. But, I knew I had to give it a shot. 


I know it’s a big decision to start the IVF process as well as continue with multiple cycles. Because it can be such an emotionally challenging process with layers of uncertainty that can make you feel crazy, I know you want to make the most of your treatment to ensure you have the best possible chances of conceiving.


 That’s where I can help. 


Conceive Your Dream™: 

90 Days To Your Optimal Fertility Health

A holistic program aimed at ensuring that you have the resources available to you to improve your egg quality, increase your chances of conceiving, and hand-hold you through your IVF journey with support and guidance. It’s also going to help you navigate through what to pay attention to and what to ignore - something I know is a constant stressor when going through IVF. 


Think of it as your comprehensive guide to doing everything you can to help you get pregnant and stay pregnant with IVF.

Take Control of Your Fertility Journey

Sign up now for 3 monthly payments of $549

When you sign up for this program, you’ll get…

  • Education, mentorship, and guidance customized around your fertility journey

  • Information on supplements, nutrition, diet, and exercises to optimize your fertility and overall well-being

  • Bonuses like introduction to fertility yoga, recipe e-books, meal plans.


 You don’t have to go through it alone.



Let me support you in your fertility journey. 


This program is for you if who are willing to make the lifestyle changes to put

your best foot forward when trying to conceive.


“I wanted to get healthy after a chemical pregnancy and before my donor egg cycle, especially with having all the IVF drugs in my system. Our work together made me more aware of my body and thoughts, and I learned how to really listen to it. It gave me some control over my body, both physically and emotionally, which helped me with the roller coaster of emotions that I had with my IVF journey. And when I started to feel better, my husband benefited too. The lifestyle and food changes I made with Ami’s guidance and coaching were 100% why I had a successful IVF.”

- C.B.

Here's what you'll find inside the program...



  • An Introduction to Conceive Your Dream™

  • Your Path to Fertility

  • Understanding How Your Health Determines Your Baby’s Health Long Before You Get Pregnant



  • The Power of Your Thoughts

  • Your Identity as a Mother

  • Shifting your Subconscious Beliefs



  • Clearing the Clutter 

  • Eating for Detoxification 

  • Fertility Muggers

  • Detox Tools & Symptoms Quiz



  • Designing Your Fertile Plate

  • The Role of Hydration

  • Impact of Digestive and Thyroid Health

  • Fertility Supplements



  • Improving Sperm Quality

  • Getting Emotional Support

  • Understanding Each Other



  • Understanding the Importance of Sleep & Getting Deep Rest 

  • Managing the Stress During This Challenging Time

  • Incorporating Supportive Movement

  • Building Resilience That You Can Take With You for A Lifetime



  • Seeking The Right Support For You

  • Building Relationships and Creating Boundaries

  • Therapies That Complement Your Journey

  • Understanding Your Financial Options

“I'd say you're more than a coach and someone to help navigate through the roller coaster of emotions and decisions about fertility and trying to conceive. You take an active part in providing additional information, resources and things to think about and discuss with your doctor and team to increase your success rate and comfort during the process. Preparing you to be the healthiest you can be and have the highest rate of success if your goal.”

- J.F.

Take Control of Your Fertility Journey

Sign up now for 3 monthly payments of $549

Hi, I'm Ami Chokshi

As someone who has struggled with IVF and fertility issues myself, I am a fertility warrior. I have dedicated my life to paying it forward and empowering women like you in their journey to conception. 


I’m a Certified Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Coach focusing on Fertility and IVF Health. And I work in a fertility clinic, so I’m up to date on all of the latest tools, technologies, and protocols.  


This trifecta of experience makes me uniquely qualified to help you create a journey that takes a holistic view.

Conceive Your Dream™ is a program that I put together, combining all of this experience into an online fertility health program. It takes a deeper look at your whole body health to optimize egg & sperm quality, reduce inflammation, build emotional resilience, and support your fertility path - a 360° health analysis, if you will.


Plus – I know that sometimes you don't know if something is going to be a good fit for you or not, and I want you to feel comfortable taking this program on a test-drive for 14 days. So, if you sign up, complete the first 2 weeks of materials, and aren't fully satisfied, simply send us your completed work, and I'll issue you a refund for the remainder of the three month period. 


What does Fertility & IVF Coaching cover?

Is Fertility & IVF Coaching right for me? 

What about my partner?

What about Supplements? Sleep? Exercise? Self-Care?

What does this program include?

Can I use my HSA/FSA for this course?

My biggest takeaway was getting pregnant! If you are considering hiring Ami, I'd say to do it. It helped me with following through with my goals and talking through things before my next transfer. It helped me with both mental clarity and physical health.

- K.K.

Take Control of Your Fertility Journey

Sign up now for 3 monthly payments of $549

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